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Spa reduce

Given that your body is in defense mode, you want to avoid putting it under any extra pressure.
The deal: A technician runs a suction device with rollers over bulges; this is often combined with heat from lasers, infrared light or radiofrequency.The deal: A technician attaches electrodes to your wobbly bits (sometimes covered in a mineral-rich réduction somewhere clay) and flicks a switch, sending a mild current that feels like tingling.Typically, you'd get several 30- to 90-minute treatments (at 100 to 300 a session) over a few weeks.Read this before you drop a bundle to lose an inch.In some cases, you do light exercise while wrapped.In a nutshell: "Both saunas and Jacuzzis are great for relaxing.Once the swelling goes down, you're trimmer.Kim Kardashian famously got her rear sucked.It promises to be a Roto-Rooter for clogged lymph nodes.Getty ImagesYou've seen them in spa brochures and on websites: those wraps, massages, and high-tech gizmos designed to shrink inches, reduce cellulite, and blast pounds while you lie there in a lavender-scented room.Bottom (and belly and thigh) line: If spending 200 to temporarily lose a bit of water weight sounds like a bargain, go for."By the time the effects wear off, the event is over and no one is the wiser!" Tyra Banks got one on cameraand was measured to have lost 9 inches overall in her arms, midsection, butt, and legs.
Sauna, does one give a bigger calorie burn?

If your goal is fat loss, however, don't bother.Yes, if done right.(VelaShape, SmoothShapes and Endermologie are popular brands.) How spas bill it: The heat melts subcutaneous fat, the suction increases circulation to flush away fluid and liberated fat and the rollers stretch out fibrous tissue and smooth dimples.Youn says, "but unless they're combined with heat from a laser or radiofrequency, which can be uncomfortable, fat volume will stay the same.".You'll pay 100 to 200 per 30- to 60-minute session.Health takes a hard look at popular procedures that promise to firm up your mushy spots.Says Youn, "These treatments are dehydrating, and alcohol can make you even more light-headed." Be nosy: When you book your reser-vation, ask three questions: "How many times has the technician perfomed this procedure?Lymphatic drainage massage, the claim: Rub off inches!The claim: Squeeze out inches!

"By and large, quick fixes overpromise and underdeliver says Mark Hyman, MD, founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts.